Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love Tussles and Takedowns by Violet Duke

Hudson is just one sexy beefcake, "no," he growled softly, pulling her hands up to circle his neck instead. "No covering up. If all I get is first base with you tonight, then your belly button is definitely fair game." When that boy is riled up it is sexy as hell, "tell me," he said in a near feral voice that did crazy things to her insides, "did you leave your door unlocked because you knew I'd be storming in here? OR because you just plain forgot that criminals like to have an easy entrance when it comes to beautiful women in isolated apartments?" He's also not one for being subtle, "he stalked over to her, his voice low and simmering. "Do you know what happens when you plan elaborate, twistedly romantic tricks on a man who's had a nearly two-month hard-on for you?" I loved Hudson and I think I'm going to love this series. 

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