Sunday, August 31, 2014

Inevitable Detour by S.R. Grey

The cover is so pretty! Farren that boy is something else and I fell in love with his sexiness right off the bat, "I'm rewarded with a knowing smirk when I glance back up at him. "And you slept with this man who looked like me?" he says." I don't think Farren is the type of man who takes chances on anyone looking at his woman half naked, "he reaches out and lifts the hem of my tee, exposing the waistband of my lime-green boy shorts. "Barely," he scoffs. "You're basically standing outside in your underwear." He's one of those men that love when his girl touches him, "he lifts my left hand and snakes it around his side. Placing my fingers right back on the scar, he says softly, "you never have to apologize for touching me, Essa." Essa she's so innocent in her own way that I found her really cute, "when he takes off his boxer briefs, I gush, "wow. You're like, really huge." Farren chuckles and lets me stare in amazement. "I can't wait to feel you inside of me," I murmur." Farren is also the type of man that doesn't like his woman to far from him, "Farren, though, stops my progress when he snatches up my wrist. "Hold up," he says. Haven released her hold one me and rolls her eyes. Farrne ignores her. His thumb caresses where my pulse is picking up. "I'll see you in bed?" he asks, raising a brow." Um... yeah Imma want a copy in paperback form.

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