Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Going Down by Elise Sax

Mack he tells it how he sees it, "you are skinny. You're got no a**, no boobs, and your collarbones are sticking out." Oh Mack and Marion have some funny moments: 
                 "You're really big," I note. 
                 "Oh, you have no idea," he says. To prove it, his hands slip under my a**, and he lifts me. He pushes me against his ever-growing bulge, which threatens to bust through his button-fly." 
He loves to demonstrate things, "this." He pushes me up against the car. His hands reach behind my thighs, and he lifts me up, fitting himself between my legs." And one scene killed me, "he furrows his brow. "I'm fine," he gasps, finally. "My testicles are tucked away next to my appendix now, but I'm fine." I feel guilty about kicking him. I hope the damage isn't permanent. I was planning on using that part of his anatomy." Short, sweet, entertaining and funny just the way I like my books.

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