Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beast part 2 by Ella James

Our Beast of a man likes the keep momentos, " I move to tuck the thong into my bra, and he steps to me, snatching it away before I even pull the neckline of my blouse down. "mine," he says flatly." Our man is a crude one, "what kind of person aren't you, Angel? The kind of person who effs without a thought? Who spends half of the day flat on her back, being pounded to oblivion? Or is it me? You're not the kind of person who effs someone like me?" He also clears things up of Annabelle, "you're not a wh**e. You're my wh**e. If I want to pay you for your time, it's because I take care of what is mine." Ladies there is a bigger cliffhanger this time around so I'm anxiously waiting for part 3. 

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