Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Thief in Venice by Tara Crescent

I adored this damn book so much and Antonio I loved that man hardcore, "she was so brave, so stubborn and so aroused, my sweet little thief. I was more than a little aroused myself." Lucia and Antonio's relationship is kinda unconventional but honestly that's what made this book fun, "I still want my painting back," she muttered under her breath. I laughed and reached for her again." Antonio likes to take care of his woman and his woman well she's an independent one, "you are angry that I took care of your dues?" he asked me. "You think this makes you my mistress?" A look of amusement rose in his eyes. "The position is currently vacant, sweet Lucia, are you applying?" I wouldn't mind a little update novel to see how their doing. 

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