Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Rancher's Mail Order Bride by Nonnie Frasier

I loved this book and Patrick he's so playful, "a mischievous fire danced in Patrick's dark chocolate eyes. "Be care, woman, I don't want you mistreating my c***!" He's an all around good guy and he's caring, "good idea," he said. "I would hate to end such a perfect day itching with mosquito bites, especially in the more delicate areas." His eyes twinkled as he patted my naked bottom." Sometimes Ada has to coax her man into things but honestly I don't think her man minds one bit, "I stood, pulling Patrick into my arms. I drew my lower body into his groin and circled my hips so that I knew I'd hit the target. "How ya doing, honey? I know this isn't your first time," I whispered into his ear." I enjoyed this book a lot, I loved Patrick and Ada's relationship.  

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