Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wayward Fighters Box Set by J.C. Valentine

I think Jami likes to get a rise out of his woman, "sorry." Even slower than before, Alyson continued on her path easing the pack down the front of his shorts. She froze at the path or wiry hairs. "You're not wearing any underwear?" She hissed, her eyes widening on his." I loved the alpha-ness vibe Jami sent off it was really sexy, "he growled low in his throat and one hand slid lower, cupping between her legs. "Pretty young women who let me strip them naked in my gym and eff them in my ring." The ending gave off as there was more to the story, so on to the sequel I go. 
Alyson that girl can be shy but she doesn't like others into her and Jami's private business if you get my meaning, and Jami he just wants the world to know Aly's his girl so of course he doesn't care who knows they're having sex, "what? that we were going to have sex?" He took a step toward her. "That I'm going to lay you down on this bed and eff you. All. Night. Long?" I loved his reactions to her texts while he's away, "Jami's response was nothing short of expected. "Are you trying to get someone killed? Because I am this close to flying home right now and kicking the a** of every guy there just for looking at you." The ending was much better in this one as it didn't leave you wanted for more, well maybe more of Olivia and Spencer.

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