Saturday, July 26, 2014

Undressed by Jen Frederick

Compared to the first time we met Noah and Grace the hot meter got way hotter. Grace I liked how she became more bold, to me in the first book she was timid, that is not the case this time around, "they sexy look made my semi harden further. Good thing the zipper was already down. "Maybe you need a different kind of massage." Grace pressed her hand more firmly against my, and I felt my d*** pulse in response." As you can tell we get Noah's point of view as well as Grace's. Noah is still caring but we see a more alpha side of him, "baby, you're cold. Let me clean you up." My girl needed to get under the covers. I pulled up one side of the comforter and then rolled off the bed, heading to the bathroom." We also see a more animal side to Noah, "her inner thighs had streaks of come on them and part of me didn't want to wipe them away. Part of me, the Neanderthal part, wanted to scoop every swimmer up and push them back inside of her." I'm hope Jen does a little novella with Bo and Gray in their point of views because honestly I love these boys, and maybe Josh can get a book to.

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