Saturday, July 26, 2014

First and Forever by Alyssa Rose Ivy

It was great seeing where Levi and Allie began and in wait for it....LEVI'S POINT OF VIEW!! Anyone who knows me knows I love my Crescent Chronicle men! Levi is still taking the cake in my heart, "oh, I only noticed the one." Had there really been someone else with her?" He's a cocky thing, but we already knew that, "I've got to find her. She might even be worth a second night." Or a third." Even in the beginning he would do anything for Allie, "a wolf? As if she was dealing with something that tame. "Only if you're Red Riding Hood." I'd pretend to be a wolf if it involved her." The man is just horny, "Leviathan. But you can call me whatever you like." Hell, she could call me a wolf if she was doing it in my bed." I hope this is the start of like a little mini-series where we get into his mind more, as his relationship with Allie grows.
Forever takes off right where First ended, and Levi it was entertaining seeing him try to woo his girl, "those things? Our wings? Yes, we can put them away." If it was just the wings freaking her out I could take care of it. I retracted them." He doesn't like when others tell his woman that she should stop touching him, "she can manhandle me all she wants." I reluctantly turned back, I wanted her hands on me all night. "You ready to go home or do you want to see more?" I already spoke to Alyssa about how disappointed I was how at the end it skip through all the other books to their wedding, I really wanted Levi's point of view on two of my favorite scenes I think it would be a spoiler for those who haven't read the series to state what those two scenes were but Alyssa has got them. 

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