Friday, July 25, 2014

Payback by Shyla Colt

This one I liked more than the first one, there was more content, and more depth to the characters, and we saw Ardy change into a beautiful woman that knew how to stand her ground, "it's bulls*** for you to come in here, demand we pack, snap at the kids and not tell me s***. I don't give a eff about the rules. If I'm not okay, how can I make sure they're okay?" Demon the boy still has a major hard-on for his girl and is all about showing her that, "Demon pulled away and released her. "Stop looking at me with those eyes, baby. We don't have the time. I need to get you to my place and then get back on the streets." He also likes to pretend he's in charge when really it's Ardy although there is one thing Demon is always in charge of and that's the bedroom, "one of two things need to happen. You need to get on birth control, or we're making a baby." I enjoyed this one so much better and I'm kind of hoping a story will happen between Lefty and Gia. 

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