Friday, July 25, 2014

Dual Desires by Shyla Colt

Demon he you know takes awhile to thaw out, "good, I hate it when a woman takes forever. The kids are going to be driving with Danielle. So, you're coming with me." I liked his sweet side that Ardy brought out, "but you have to be sure. Because once I start, I won't stop until I'm satisfied and you've sampled everything I have to offer. It could take awhile." Not a lot of notes or highlights as it's only 48 pages, even though it was short it had a beginning, middle, and sort of an end. I wish that there had been more content as to how Ardy was getting along with Demon because after one scene it jumps a few months I wanted the gap filled when it jumped. Overall I liked this book I was just wishing there was more content. 

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