Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Alpha's Heart by R.E. Butler

Acksel may not be able to be with his woman but the thought of someone hurting her, is well pure murder in his mind, "Acksel barely stopped a snarl or outrage. Brynn had been hassled? Unacceptable! He might not be able to be with her, but that didn't mean that he wanted her to be harmed." I loved how he explained things to Brynn it was just sexy, "when I make you mine forever, Brynn, when I mark you fully as my mate, I'm going to sink my fangs into your beautiful neck while we make love." I also loved his reactions and his wolf's reactions to their woman, "his wolf was prowling under his skin, urging him to either hunt or strip their mate. "I feel like your mate, Acksel. But I already felt like that, since you sexed me up so well before we came outside." Growling, he kissed her, shoving his wolf aside for a moment longer to enjoy the moment." I either want Mal or Mia's story next those two caught my attention while reading. 

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