Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Falling for Her Husband by Karen Erickson

Vince is one possessive man, "I wouldn't allow any other man to touch her, since she belongs to me." He says the sweetest things, "any time I have you naked in my bed, I'm happy, sweetheart." He took a step toward her, caressing her cheek before letting his hand drop. "Now go take your test. Let's get this over with."  He also has no filter, and he loves to show his woman his wild side, "you make us sound like a bunch of old folks going to the retirement home." He reached out and slipped his hand beneath the sheet, giving her toe a tug and making her yelp. "Give me a break, wife. If I want to eff you, I'm certainly going to eff you." I loved this book, I enjoyed reading it. I fell in love with Vince.

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