Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Outside the Lines by Bella Love

Johnny has met his match in Juliette, "you say eff too much." She turned to face the mountain. "You probably do eff too much. You should go to confession." Johnny he's a wild card, he's sexy and the boy doesn't like his boys not to have air if you get my drift ladies, "you like?" He shoved his jeans down a little way, revealing trim, toned buttocks. "You should try it sometime. When I'm around." He's a crude one but I have to say he takes crude to a whole new sexy, "he paused in grabbing his phone off the table. "Because I'm not done effing your brains out yet?" He looked over and added slowly, "are you done effing mine?" All I have to say is I want a Johnny of my own. 

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