Thursday, July 31, 2014

Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken

********************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS************************************

I get Tex, I totally see where he's coming form but with that being said I think that he didn't need to be so bitter and well bitter toward Mo, "safe?" he snarled then threw his head back and laughed. 'Right, and you're so worried about my safety?" His eyes narrowed in on my hand. "Let go, Mo. I'm serious." I loved Tex, even if he was a bitter boy, I loved his sarcastic snottiness, "wow," Tex grumbled walking into the room. "Teaching my wife ways to torture me. Thanks Chase, but she does that by just breathing the same air and refusing to make eye contact with me." I love it sometimes when he gets riles up and a tad bit nasty, "why can't you just be a normal girl?" he raged pushing me against the wall, trapping me with his body. 'Why can't you go cry and spend money and drink wine? Throw darts at my face. Why can't you be normal?" Although I loved this book and Tex and Mo it's Mil and Chase that are still my favorite. 

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