Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rocker's Melody by Katie Mars

I fell in love with Melody from the very start, she proved herself to the boys, "oh my Go, you can hear me," she gasped dramatically. "It's a miracle. Praise Jesus. I'd get down on my knees, but I wouldn't want to provide you with any imagery you're not emotionally mature enough to handle." Dylan he's a...something else, "he grinned. "I'll stick to kissing you offstage then. All over your delicious body." There's one way that always works for getting his girl to shut up, "Melody feigned confusion. "But if we aren't talking honestly, whatever will we -" One hard tug pulled her through the water and onto his lap. Her legs straddled his waist and she could feel him, hot and hard, against her thigh. "Oh," she whispered, a second before he kissed her." I loved this book I love when the lead female is sassy, and can outwit the men. 

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