Thursday, June 26, 2014

Her Man with Iceberg Eyes by Kris Pearson

All I'm saying is if Matthew wants to spend his money on Katie, she shouldn't be a whiny butt about it, "I'm not short of a dollar, Kate. For God's sake let me have some fun with the money," he urged, finally letting her go." I mean she didn't think he'd go for the undergarments when he said he wanted to buy her stuff but hey the boy has pretty good taste, "look - I hoped there'd be something her you'd find suitable or pretty." She shot him a killer glance. "I didn't know if you wore those little things or something a bit more...concealing. Who knows what women prefer? Not me - but I can picture you in that rosy arrangement..." Sometimes I think Matthew takes enjoyment out of embarrassing Katie, "she looks beautiful." Matthew said quietly. "And who'd have thought she'd wear sexy little panties like that? I had you down for white cotton, Katie." Katie I adored her she likes to talk to Matthew's 'member', "he growled her name, and Katie smiled. Her touch had him already stirring again. She pushed his hands away and watched. "He's as primitive and savage as your tattoo," she whispered as his glistening c*** rose slowly to full attention for her." I really enjoyed reading this book it was different from what I thought it was going to be and I was really surprised in a good way.  

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