Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Strong by Elisabeth Mayer

Yep I should have noticed the 'book 1 of the Strong Armor series' because there is a damn cliffhanger. Anywho I loved Barrett, "I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow mid-morning," he said, smiling. "I'll eff you until I have to leave. Then, I want you to get me the hell out of this hotel. Make an appointment with a Realtor and find me a place. If you're a good girl, I'll eff you again when you're done." He's the type of person who's very demanding and wants things his way, "you didn't read the reports between your legs," he said. "I got the medical reports Ella. You're mine...unsheathed. I'm going to fill you with my come, Angel." Also it's like these two are always magnetically pulled with each other, "the car will have privacy glass," he said. "I can eff you in the car, Ella. And if we're not effing in the office, I'll need to eff you in the car." Barrett at times likes to surprise his girl, "I practically skipped from the club, surprised not to see Barrett waiting for me. The car was there and I went to it. Stephen wasn't outside to open the door either. As I opened the door, I found my prize: naked and ready to be mounted." He also likes to tell his woman what he wants with no qualms, "I want to hold your wet, naked body up against the shower wall and drive into you into we're both spent and breathless. 'Kay?" I loved this book and I'm eagerly waiting for the second I got to know who did it. 

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