Friday, June 27, 2014

For Her Protection by Amber A. Bardan

I always love ellora's books the publish and this one was no different, Connor was just yum yum, "meathead two twitched. Ef, Alicia would be pi**ed if he ended up spattering blood all over her gym floor. But her would, if that's what it took to protect this beautiful, hissing kitten." Did I mention how domineering that boy could be, "but if you want me inside you, all you got to do is ask, kitten. Ask and I'll fill you - I'll fill you so hard you'll lose every thought in that tightly wound mind." He doesn't like his woman using things to get her to sleep, "starting tomorrow, he was fixing that s***. She wouldn't need a drug again to relax. He'd show her exactly what she needed. By tomorrow she'd be so effing relaxed she'd have trouble walking." I loved how our alpha was so considerate when it came to his woman, "she snuggled closer and her soft breast grazed his chest. He ignored the way his c***, still buried in her, stirred. Having her again so soon would only hurt her. He smiled into her hair. He'd give her a few hours." I really did enjoy reading this book. 

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