Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For the Love of her Dragon by Julia Mills

Normally I love this series but there was just something missing in this book. I didn't feel a connection like I did with the others in this series. Kyra may be a little dinky thing but her voice and her attitude and sauciness overruns the fact that she's tiny, "that is really what you think of me? That I could hurt a child? That I could hurt any of the people that I have come to love as much as my own blood...maybe more? You really think I'm a monster, don't you?" She's adorable with her manners, "a burger and fries sound awesome." She stopped, her eyes got wide and she stammered, "I mean is that...ummm..do you want...or do you like...oh hell! Do burgers and fries sound good to you?" When Royce gets his head out of his a** I loved how playful he could be, "she carefully pulled the ribbon, untying the perfectly crafted bow and laid the ribbon across Royce's chest. He laughed out loud and asked, "Am I gonna get unwrapped soon, too?" I'm hoping the next book in the series sits better with me.

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