Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It is safe to say that Aaron obsession with Dayton's a** has not changed, "I fake a heavy sigh and walk through the door. His hand connects with my a** sharply and I jump and squeal loudly." He's also possessive when it comes to his woman's body, "Dayton Lauren Black." His voice lowers, heat flaring in his eyes. "If I can see the curve of your gorgeous little bare a** beneath the hem of your shorts, they're unsuitable for anyone's eyes but my own. Get changed. Now." The boy is always thinking naughty things where Dayton is concerned, "and when I'm not so tired, this is happening again. You on this desk in my shirt, that is. I am incredibly tempted to eff you right now." Normally (sometimes) I don't really pay attention to secondary characters but Tyler that boy stuck out like a sore thumb and I'm anxiously waiting for his book.

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