Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Kill your Boss by Krissy Daniels

I loved Franklin right off the bat, "the pleasure is all mine." Franklin tilted his head as if inviting me to admire him." Tate I loved her wild mouth she has on her, "as a matter of fact, Frankie, I check out your rump at least three hundred and twenty-five times a day. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop wearing your suit jacket at work. It covers that fine tush of yours, and when it's hidden, it puts me in a foul mood." She also loves to challenge her man, "wow. You mean business, don't you? No phones, no stalkers, a year's supply of condoms. This better be one hell of a romp-fest buddy, 'cause you've piqued my interest." I really did love reading this book, it had action, secrets, sex, hot alpha male. 

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