Monday, June 30, 2014

Conned by Jessica Wilde

I sometimes found myself laughing over the conversations Conall and Emily had:
           "Where are we going?" 
            We kept moving, but he answered her question as if it was obvious. "I'm taking you to breakfast."
            "Then we're going to look at an apartment."
            His voice faded and she assumed he was climbing the stairs when he said, "Gotta make sure my girlfriend approves of where we live." 
Conall that boy has some caveman thoughts, "she thought I was just being nice? She had no idea. No idea that she was on my mind all day every day and not just for my job. No idea that every man that looked at her didn't realize he had a death wish." This installment was okay it wasn't as good as the first one hopefully the third book in the series brings more oomph to me.

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