Monday, June 30, 2014

2B or Not 2B? by Stephanie Witter

Sweet baby Jesus London and Byron are seriously perfect for each other, they both have no filters on their mouths, "he shook his head and the blue in his eyes darkened immediately. It was mesmerizing. "No, but next time, choose a guy who can make you come because you were awfully quiet." Byron is the type of boy who doesn't have a problem saying what he wants, "no, not at all. As soon as we're back home, I'll get rid of my shirt, and I want your little hands on my back." I mean he's all alpha at times and it was seriously HOT, "I'm going to eff you against this wall, London." He kissed my temple before he whispered slowly in my ear. "And it's going to be effing good." Personally I thought the ending was a little premature. Other than that I loved the book. 

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