Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Worth the Trade by Kristina Mathews

Marco sure has a smart mouth on him, "unless you have something else planned for me." He raised an eyebrow and flashed one of his dimples. He knew all too well how irresistible that smile was. "Because you own me now. So..." Marco is the type of boy who loves surprises especially if they include Hunter, "he moved her toward the bed. Pulled at the tie around her waist. The robe fell open, revealing the hot pink lingerie he'd had delivered. "Oh, yeah. That's more like it." Marco uttered his appreciation. "Damn. You're beautiful. So, so, beautiful." I love the conversations Hunter and Marco have:
            "Yes. I am." He nuzzled her neck, scattering kisses along her skin. Two seconds ago she had been completely satiated, but now desire flooded her and she could devour him again.
            "So what is your greatest desire?" She pulled away, needing to put some space between them.
            "Besides you?" He leaned back against the headboard. "I want what we all want. The World Series. I want to get you that ring I promised.
I love sports romances, I love the men in them, and I loved this book. 

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