Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(Once) Again by Theresa Paolo

I love second chance books, and I loved Josh's dirty mind, "she didn't say anything, choosing to flash me an evil glare instead. Too bad for her the only that had an effect on was in my pants. Even in her anger she was gorgeous."  The conversations these two have were sometimes just flat out funny, even when they weren't meant to be funny:
         Her arm dropped and the book smacked against her thigh. "I'm not dressed."
        "Really? Because if you were naked, I'm sure I would've noticed."
        She rolled her eyes again. "I'm not dressed to go out. I look a mess." 
        I positioned myself in front of her, leaning forward on my crutch so I could place my finger under her chin. "You look beautiful."
They can be so sweet and caring towards one another and then Josh has to go and ruin it, "her hands fumbled with the button on my pants, but when she managed to unzip me, she stopped. "I don't want to hurt you." I wanted to say screw it, just rip those suckers off, but I didn't want anything to happen that would prevent us from reaching home plate. I flipped to my back and carefully removed my pants and boxers. As they passed my hips my erection sprang up and Kat sucked in a jagged breath. "Bigger than you remembered?" I joked." I can't wait to see what Theresa comes up with next. 

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