Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Training Drew by Blue Kincaid

Bas that boy doesn't play around right from the start he sets the rules. "before she could even finish her thought, Sebastian's big hand cracked across her panty-covered a**, sending a shockwave through her. "I don't like whining," he murmured, mouth still nibbling against her nape. "If you want something, Drusilla, ask for it." Drew sometimes (well all the time) doesn't filter what comes out of her mouth, "your bathroom is huge! But, then, so are you." Drew is learning if you want something all you need to do is ask for it and Bas will give it to her, "touch me, Bas. Please." He was across the kitchen in one and a half long-legged strides, his mouth on hers in an instant and his hands...oh yes, his hands were on her, whisking open the buttons of the shirt she wore, shoving it open, baring her to him." I was surprised that our boy had an actual sense of humor, well one of the dirty kind, "his hands flexed on her a** and he groaned,  nodding. "I'm a fan, too," he laughed breathlessly as she gave his length a tight, squeezing stroke. "Eff, Drew, you're not even gonna but my dinner first?" I love how this is a series, but each book is about different characters, and is a stand a lone. 

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