Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Climbing Out by Lila Rose

Dee that girl sometimes doesn't know what she's getting into with Griz and that boy knows how to give her a taste of her own medicine, "looking back over at him, my eyes widened as I watched him pull the front of his boxers down and palm his large, hard erection, and then proceeded to masturbate." Sometimes the boy can only hold out for so long, "too late, darlin'. Watching you and your hot body move under my face and fingers had me shoot my load onto the bed like some effin' eager teenager." Also the boy just doesn't care who watches him and his girl when he's horny, "a soft growl erupted from his chest. "Do not eff with me right now or I'll take you on the floor right here and right now. I don't give a eff who watches." He's also always to eager to accommodate his woman, "making a baby. I want this to happen as soon as effin' possible. I cannot wait to fill you up with my seed and for it to stay there to make a miracle." I love this series and it's characters and I must say I'm really intrigued by Travis and Violet and I'm sort of hoping to get a book with them starring in it. 

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