Saturday, May 31, 2014

Samson's Lovely Mortal by Tina Folsom

Samson that vampire is just so damn sexy, "I guess I'll have to keep feeding you. I don't want anybody to start a rumor that I don't feed my quests. Nobody is going to leave my company hungry. For anything." The boy is just, he's just all messed up, or I should say certain body parts, "no, we wouldn't want to miss anything." The husky tone in her voice told him she wasn't talking about the play. Samson felt his pants tighten instantly. This was not the time to have another erection. But alas, he had no control over it. Better to hide in the dark of the theater." The boy is sensitive when it comes to others get a view of his woman, "in lighting speed, Samson spun around to shield Delilah from Ricky's view. "Get the eff out, Richard!" he growled low and dark." Even unconscious he doesn't want others touching what's his, "reluctantly she got out of bed. She felt dizzy when she suddenly stood. Her body swayed, and Amaury instantly grabbed her. A low growl came from the bed. Both she and Amaury turned their heads to look at Samson. He was seemingly still asleep, but his fangs were showing. Amaury instantly let go of Delilah's arm. Samson's fangs retreated, and his lips closed. "He can sense you even in his sleep. He doesn't like you being touched by another man." I can tell I'm going to love the vampires of this series. 

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