Saturday, May 31, 2014

Iron Sinners by HJ Bellus

This book is very different from HJ's other books, and if a book can make me want to kick the male lead in the nuts then the author has surely done their job. When I looked at Grizz I really saw a lost little puppy not knowing who to believe, and battling his demons but there was always one thing that stayed true about him throughout the whole book and that was his fierce protectiveness of Piper, "Piper girl, that is one promise I can make you. I'll effing kill anyone that tries to hurt you." Piper she was different from HJ's other female leads the girl had no filter, and she was just a joy to read, sometimes in order to get Grizz's attention the girl needed to cause him a little pain, "I can no longer take the sheer torture of just having his tongue inside me, sitting up, I pull him by the hair to get his attention. "Ah eff, Piper, that hurts." It's obvious that right from the start the boy has got some serious feelings for Piper, "I swear the effin sh** is going to kill me off with her feisty a** attitude or because of the raging boner I seem to pop around her." Grizz is slowly learning the way of compromising, "no, I don't. You can call my Grizzy or biker boy in private, but call my bi*** one more time and I'll shove my c*** up your a** and eff you hard." I would seriously love it if Digger could get a book, and I think the ending really isn't a cliffhanger but it's left open for future books. 

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