Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alive by Beth Maria

Even though the book was about Maisie and Jesse I kinda need to demand that a book be written for Chloe and Jake, because in all honesty I was more interested in what was going on with them than Maisie and Jesse. Don't get me wrong I loved reading the book, I was just more into the secondary characters. Jesse he is just so damn cocky, "Maisie, you can let go now. We're here," Jesse says, smiling at me over his shoulder. God, his smile is so beautiful. After I unwrap my arms from around his torso, I jump off the motorbike and unclasp the helmet. "What's with the sad face? You'll be able to put your arms back around me in a few hours. Don't worry, darling." He's also completely honest when it comes to his feelings for his girl, "no, baby, you've done nothing wrong. If I look at you right now, we will never leave this room. I will eff you all night long, until you can't walk anymore. That, baby, is the reason I can't look at you right now. I'll see you downstairs. I need something to take my mind off my dirty thoughts right now. Maybe cutting some vegetables will help." As I said I enjoyed reading this book I just want Jake and Chloe's more.

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