Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yield to Me by Sarah Castille

I have to say between the innuendos and the heat between Jax and Marcy this is the naughtiest book Sarah has written thus far and well I enjoyed every minute of it, and especially that first encounter with the two characters, "on your back. Legs apart. I'll mount you and take the dominant position." She startled at his abrupt command, and heat flooded her veins, pooling between her thighs. Flustered at her body's unexpected response to words she heard every day in practice," Jax he's a total dominant you can get that feeling from how he walks, acts, and talks, "wrong." He cupped her cheek, tracing along the curve of her jaw with his thumb, burning a trail across her skin, his gaze intent, focused. "I came to set things right between you and Reid and convince you to train with me, and yet somehow I wound up asking you out for dinner. But dinner isn't really what I want." I get the feeling the boy isn't really fond of the panties Marcy wears, "eff." Jax slammed her against the door and slide his fingers along the edge of her panties. "You got any sentimental attachment to these?" Sometimes the boy has to find a way to convince his woman that he loves her, and what better way than show her, "he clasped her hand and skimmed it down his body to the bulge in his jeans. "Definitely hard enough." I love reading Sarah's books because you never know what you're going to get, one minute it can be a semi-sweet story the next a naughty one such as this. I know that she has a reader for life. 

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