Friday, May 23, 2014

Officer Next Door by Ranae Rose

I am definitely going to like this new series from Ranae. I loved the boys, Liam, Henry and Grey and I can't wait for Henry and Grey and even Jeremy to get their story. Liam I loved that boy, "having a conversation with her that morning had just about killed him, and his balls still ached as he neared his house, pulling into the parking area in front of the porch." Alicia that girl had some great friends, I mean if you can't ogle a hot guy together then your just not really friends, "she, Sasha and Kerry had just watched Liam get into the shower with a hard-on to shame all hard-ons. It hadn't completely gone by the time he'd stepped out, either. Sasha was beside herself and even quiet Kerry seemed stunned." Liam he's a sneaky one gives the girl a whole bag of sugar for an excuse to see her again, "take the whole bag, and bring it back when you're done." A deliberate excuse to have her return to his place? Or was he just being neighborly?" He's also one to offer help, "anything you need help with?" Visions of bending her over one of her kitchen counters flooded his mind, but she needed assistance with something decidedly less satisfying, he'd help with that too." I think Henry and Sasha should be up next.  

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