Friday, May 23, 2014

Hades by Kamery Solomon

Hades seems to have a little bit of an attitude problem, "oh good grief," he said, striding towards me and grabbing my hand. "You could at least act a little happy to see me. I had all of your favorite foods brought down and they're going to go cold if we don't head to dinner now." I did love how protective and caring he could be once we got past all the bull-headedness, "did he hurt you?" he finally asked quietly, his free hand rubbing my back slowly. I shook my head, my face still buried in his chest, hands clutching him to me tightly. "Did he try?" I paused before nodding, scared to relive the entire episode again. "Then he got what he deserved," he said nastily." And I loved his playful side, "he leaned in and kissed me greedily, grabbing my butt over the silky fabric of my dress. "Hey," I gasped, pulling away and slapping his hand. "Stop that!" Growing up and learning about the Gods and Goddesses I totally pictured Hades as this mean, old, grumpy ass, who was abusive but I really liked Kamery's version better. All I can say is part two needs to be on it's way ASAP! 

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