Friday, May 23, 2014

Bad Girls don't Marry Marines by Codi Gary

Justin that boy is to darned cute, "because if something happened to her, it would hurt you. And if I wasn't too obvious yesterday," he said, tickling the back of her hand with his touch, "I like you and would like to get to know you again." Good lord when Val doesn't appreciate someone or like someone or plain just can't stand someone that girl's claws come out, "on the contrary, unreasonable would be stabbing you with my fork. Right in your crotch," she said glancing pointedly. "Under the circumstances, I think I'm being damn charming." Justin sure has a potty mouth when he's angry (I think it's hot), "protocol? This isn't a effing business deal and I'm not a hired stud." When these two are together though fireworks explode, "leaning her back against his arm, he kissed her hard and deep, sweeping his tongue inside. Her a** shifted in his lap, making his co** rise to attention once more." I liked this book not as much as the other one but this was a good read and I'm hoping Val's sister's get a story because from what I read about Elle, that girl is going to be a damn hoot! 

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