Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Kind of Crazy by Katie O'Sullivan

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a sweet romance with some comedy so I was totally pleased when this book tickled my fancy. Jon I loved him there's just no other way to describe how I felt, "Jon cleared his throat. All that Cape Cod Red made it hard to think. Or maybe it was Kendall. "What am I doing? Catching your dog, and ruining my favorite tie in the process, is what I'm doing." I loved how caring he is, "what's going on?" Jon asked. Ken, are you all right? Is anyone hurt?" He went to stand next to her, wanting to protect her from whatever was happening. Both officers stared at him, and Jon heard the puppy barking up a storm behind the closed door." Kendall that girl is always in a great mood after she gets a little loving from her man, "silly puppy." Kendall scooted off the edge of the table onto her feet. She bent to grab her shirt and jeans, and ruffled the fur atop Midget's head. "I didn't forget you. I'll feed you dinner, but leave Jon alone. He's mine." I also noticed that with Jon the little vixen is bold, "sensing his discomfort, her hand slip from his arm to rest in his lap creating even more heat. His erection strained for release. "Be careful there, or I might not be able to control myself." This book was so sweet and I hope it's part of a series because there were a bunch of other characters who I thought deserve a book. 

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