Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hate to Love You by Elise Alden

After reading the blurb I was a little hesitant at wanting to read the book, but I'm do damn glad I decided to give it a shot I found my self really enjoying the book and wanting to kick James in the nuts every other scene until he straightened his s*** out, and Paisley I was always on her side, she's just like me no filter, "I'm sorry," I said, hand on heart. "I'd rather eff the best man's brains out than have anything to do with the wedding. How's that for honesty, James?" Remember when I said I want to kick James in the nuts every other scene? Well those scene's include him being an a**, "James paused and turned around. "We didn't make love," he said flatly. "We effed. All night long, if I remember. You got my rocks off and I rammed into your cu** so hard you spurted all over my c***. Is that crude enough for you?" The boy did have some positive moments like when he's being protective, "you're not taking Paisley anywhere," James said. "Don't visit her, talk to her or look at her again or you'll deal with me. After that the only people you ever eff will be your fellow inmates." I also enjoyed his territorial moments, "James tightened his arms around me and scowled. "I never want to see you dance with another man the way you did with Tarzan. I've been taking lessons every weekend so you'll dance with me." I also loved how when they got their crap worked out they're a strange couple, but happy:
        "I want you"
       "To plunder me with your swollen manhood," I blurted.
       James paused. "Plunder you?"
       I spoke to the ceiling. "With your swollen manhood." His face was perfectly blank. I groaned, shutting my eyes and wishing I'd never read a bodice ripper in my life. "Francesca made me promise not to sweat and it's been bloody hard, okay?" 
Even though James and I totally had a love/hate/love relationship I really did enjoy reading this book. 

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