Friday, May 30, 2014

My Soul for You by Morgana Phoenix

As usual I was enthralled with the writing, and well with that said not many notes or highlights were made BUT the things I did note were very naughty and I LOVED IT!! Where Kaleb is concerned I want to say move over Octavian but I just can't so I now have two leading men in my life. Kaleb is just so damn sexy, "Kaleb," he corrected, reaching past her and stabbing the button with one finger. "I'm about to break every rule in the blasted book. The least you can do is call me by my name." He makes so many yummy promises, "you won't need that." He was in front of her in two long strides. He bent down and tossed her unceremoniously over his shoulder, getting a squeak out of her. "I plan on making sure you stay naked the entire night. Naked and wet." Katie she's so adorable and I loved her to pieces, "she rolled onto her back and peered across the rumpled terrain to the foot of the bed where Kaleb was fastening the buckle on his belt. "You're dress....I mean awake," she corrected quickly, feeling her cheeks warm." Kaleb I just loved he was such a dirty boy, "his lips curved into a lazy grin even as his fingers fisted into the back of her shirt. "Slammed into the closest hard surface and effed you until I was good and satisfied you were completely mine." I really hope that Ashlee and Larson get a little novella they're so cute, and well I want to know what that boy whispers in Ashlee's ear all the time. 

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