Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Falling into the White by Christine Butler

I was pleased to know this wasn't a damn love triangle, there was no cliffhanger (which I was jumping up and down for glee). At first I wasn't sure what team I was on but as I got into the book my sides changed and I'm glad of who I teamed up for. Evan he's changed a lot from book one and I just didn't like that change, "you're sitting here, practically in my lap, and you're texting Mikael." He hissed out, and then looked at me as if I had grown two, very hideous heads. "I can't believe you." Just to state up front with all the quotes I chose it's pretty easy to see what team I'm on and I'll totally give ya'll a hint it ain't Team Evan! Mikael I grew to love him so damn much, "that wasn't luck, it was skill, baby!" I didn't miss the flirty tone he took with me. "Why didn't you answer me when I called out? Too busy checking out the whole package?" And when he's bossy it's so damn sexy, "you're going to wait outside, and stop thinking dirty thoughts." His hand moved down the length of my torso, coming around forward when he reached my thighs, "because I can smell your arousal right now, feel the heat coming off of you in waves, and if we don't get a little distance right now, you're parents are never going to like me again or want me to use that table of theirs. Understand?" His hand stopped short of falling between my legs as he asked his question." I mean Mikael is just freakin' sexy as hell anyway, "do you always unwrap your presents and run away?" Mikael asked as he moved right up to me. He was only inches away when he leaned in, rubbing his scruffy cheek up against mine. "Just in case you were wondering." he whispered seductively into my ear. "I enjoy the chase." Did I mention Jess grew some big ole' balls and learned to stand up for herself? No? Well now I did and I was so proud of that girl, and I just loved her to bits, "stop pouting. We need to get ready, and that's not going to happen if you're in here, naked, with me. I only have so much self-control, and you seem to lost all of yours." Although this is a four book series, if you totally stopped reading the series from here you'd be satisfied with what happened although you will be left wondering what's going to happen to some of the other characters, and whether they'll meet their significant others (Christine knows who I'm talking about in particular.) 

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