Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweet Destruction by Paige Weaver

Right from the start you could tell how protective Cole was of Sam, "you touch her and you won't be able to drink enough alcohol to take away the pain I'll cause you," Walker hissed, getting in his dad's face. "They'll have to lock me up and throw away the key for what I'll do to you. Just one touch. That's all it'll take." I mean Sam is just a bit ole' temptation to him, "her shirt rose just enough, exposing her waist again. I swear my di** was going to pop my jeans open if she didn't stop flashing me with her bare skin." He also tempts her they have a push-pull-want to kill each other type of relationship, "listen, sweetheart," he whispered near my ear. "If I was interested I would do more than just screw with your brain. I would eff you senseless. You wouldn't be able to walk for days. But, you see, there's still this little thing between us that just won't go away. Hate. You can't stand me and... well, I go insane when you're around. It needs to stay that way." He's also a total smarta**, "I leaned toward her, my mouth near her ear. "I know. I'll sleep on the couch. What did you think? That I would eff your brains out with your mom in the same house? Jeez, Sam." He can be so damn passionate as well, "as soon as he was close enough, he grabbed my arms and hauled me against his body. "Walker," I whispered a second before he kissed me, covering my lips with his. He grasped the sides of my head, angling his mouth over mine. Tasting me. Consuming me. Marking me as his." I've read Paige's other books and this one is different from them but I loved it all the same. 

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