Friday, May 23, 2014

Asher by Jo Raven

Asher he doesn't want to admit it but he's still hard for Audrey, his body will admit it though, "oh sh**. I put both my hands, bleeding or not, over my crotch, hoping to hide evidence of the direction in which my thoughts are wandering." Audrey she's adorable when it comes to Asher's body, "I look down at his erection. It's rock hard, the head purple, and liquid drips from the small slit. It's hot. Sexy. Makes my skin burn with desire. As I watch, his co** twitched. "If you keep looking at it like that, you'll finish me," he breathes, his voice catching." This book had a slow start and well middle, and sort of the ending as well but it was a great story about coming back to the person you left behind, and about forgiving. 

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