Saturday, May 24, 2014

Risky Business by Amy Andrews

Poor Nick sometimes I wonder why the boy tries to understand the female mind, "no it's not." Nick shook his head. "Jesus, why can't women just take a damn compliment?" I mean he gets all offended over certain things, "Nick blanched. "Nice is an insult to sex. Flowers are nice. Puppies are nice. Sex should not be nice." Sometimes the boy just goes too far and it makes for one hell of a funny scene, "Sam...Jesus! If I'd have known you were going to have to wipe yourself out with vodka to use the damn thing I would have never dared you. For god's sake it's a vibrator, not a cyanide pill." The boy tries so hard to understand the life of the female, "Nick blanched. This was a period?" Bloody hell! You do this every month?" If there is one thing we take away from this book it's the fact Sam can persuade the boy to do anything:
             Samantha smiled at him. "Well, come to bed and I'll let you eff me twice."
             Nick's heart practically stopped in his chest. He toes off his shoes. "I love it when you talk dirty." 
This book had it all humor, sex, chemistry, a sexy man, and my full attention. I need to see what other books this author has and just read them. 

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  1. oooh, thanks for this Heather - just stumbled across it. Lovely :-)

    If you're after a rec for more of my books I'd try Holding Out For A Hero and Taming the Tycoon.