Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Sexiest Man Alive by Juliet Rosetti

Ben is something else, that boy is always putting a smile on my face, "he smiled. "How about a post-orgy dinner? All that activity should leave you famished. Nine o'clock?" Ben he may not seem like it but the boy is really interested in passion parties especially the ones Mazie goes to:
                    "Is it over yet?" he asked.
                    "No, but I think I'm done."
                    "Did you buy some....uh...stuff?" 
                    "You'll have to find out." She gave him the address.
                     "There in ten." he disconnected.
Mazie she's normally not one to voice her opinions but when she's had enough the girl has had enough, "because you don't pay attention," Mazie yelled. "Not to me, anyway. With other women, you're all eyes, ears, and streaming drool." Tears prickled behind her eyes, but she refused to give in to them." Sometimes when you're in a hurry bad things happen, "oh, God! Get dressed!" Mazie yanked her skirt down and her shirt up. Ben pulled his pants up and tried to sip his zipper, which pinched his pen**, which hadn't yet gotten the memo that they were closing up shop." Ben thinks of the weirdest things at the wrong times:
                 "Do you want kids?" Ben asked.
                  "I think so."
                  "Want to get started now?"
                  Mazie laughed deep in her throat, a kind of husky gurgle that went straight to Ben's balls. "We're sitting on a grave, we're being stalked by murderous gang members, and you're thinking about sex?" 
I really loved this book, it was entertaining.

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