Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Darkest Flame by Donna Grant

Denae takes crap from no one if she has a issues she has no problem telling you about it, "obviously," she said, not bothering to hide her anger. "You're as bad as Matt. He used me, and I almost wasn't worth saving in your eyes. What has this world come to?" Kellan may not like the woman right off but he sure has no problem checking her out, "she was as stubborn as they came. Despite trying to look away, he couldn't stop his gaze from sliding up her long, lean legs as she stood, or from watching the way the shorts stopped just short of him seeing the delectable bottom curve of her a**." Denae she is a take charge kind of woman, "she pushed the opening wider and caught a glimpse of his rod. Somehow she wasn't surprised he didn't wear anything beneath his jeans. She found it sexy, a turn-on that had her pushing his jeans down." You don't mess with his woman, "Denae was his to protect, his to defend. His to...touch. Kellan wasn't the type to share, especially with a Fae. He understood the Fae's interest. Denae was unique, courageous, beautiful and altogether tempting." He's the type of man that doesn't like waking up to find his woman not in bed: 
                     "You were no' in the bed," he said between kisses down her neck.
                      "You weren't in the room when I woke." 
                       "We doona need a bed." 
I can't wait for the next book in the series!

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