Monday, April 21, 2014

Sandcastle Kisses by Krista Lakes

I love Krista and I love this series, this is one series that I always make sure my a** gets the new bookie when it comes out. It seems at first that Noah and Izzy can't catch a break when trying to get to know each other, "I wanted to kiss him again, but as soon as his fingers touched my skin, the phone began to vibrate. "I think someone wants your attention as much as I do," I whispered. The spell of the kiss was broken." They have such great chemistry:
                 "Stay the night," he whispered. It wasn't a question, but it wasn't a command either.
                 "I was hoping to," I replied, kissing the line of his pectoral muscle. "I'm not done with you yet." He twitched against my leg, already growing hard.
Izzy that girl can sure be persuasive when needed, "I thought I'd interest you in something first," I growled, stepping forward and putting my hands on his chest. Noah grinned. Snorkeling can wait." She can also be quite the tease, "I bent over to pick up my swimsuit bottoms and wiggled my a** at him. He let out a quiet sound of pure longing. "I'm just glad you have a job that you can do here," I said, straightening up. His pants seemed like they were about to bust through the zipper. "I'm glad you don't have to leave." At the same time Noah could be a tease as well, "with that he dropped his shorts. I gasped, feeling my body react to the sight of him hard and ready to go. He winked and shook his head in a slow 'no' before walking to his closet and pulling out a suit." I can't wait to see whose up next in this series. 

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