Monday, April 21, 2014

Uncovering You 2: Submission by Scarlett Edwards

WTF JEREMY! All I wanted to do was cute off your nuts and shove them down your throat this whole entire book! "He takes one calculated step toward me. "There," he says. "I do not often compromise. But for you, I will. You say I'm too far. So I bridge the gap." His cruel eyes shine. "Now it's your turn." Jesus, he's such an a**, "rule two. You are explicitly prohibited from any form of self-harm. I will not have you -" he sneers at me, "-spoiling yourself." Wtf is she going to do, commit suicide you don't leave her any freakin' liberties for God's sake. And your presence ain't no privilege let me tell you something Mr. you'd be eating your nuts if I got treated that way, "he stops and looks into my eyes. "Do you understand? The time I make for you is a privilege. Treat it as such. Dress and act accordingly."  God damn the next book better have his a** straightening out his act or else his nuts really will end up down his throat.

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