Monday, April 28, 2014

One Night with a Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto

Tucker is a big ole' softie when it comes to Sophie, "honey, anything you want to do with my mouth is fine by me," he drawled giving her a once over that he wouldn't have been able to avoid if he'd tried." The boy doesn't really think when Sophie is around him, well he does but only about one thing, "Tucker grabbed her hips and drew her roughly against him, "I'm pretty sure you know what we're doing." I liked his sense of humor, "Tucker turned away to grab Pana's reins. "You got something to say to me, woman?" He cocked his head with a glimmer of a grin." I really loved how when Sophie is around the boy wants to make her feel good, "I could take you right here, Fifi." He pulled her down harder against his crotch. "Just like this, baby. Hot and fast." I love me some cowboys and I loved me some Tucker.

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