Monday, April 28, 2014

Called by Fire by Delwyn Jenkins

First impressions sure can be fun, "this isn't a chamber, it's a linen closet with a hipbath." She place an imperious hand on his chest and tried to shove him away. "Close your mouth and put some clothes on." Ooh, pretty and feisty. Capturing the witch's hand, Alex pressed closer, his chest pushing against her generous breasts and his hips canted away so she couldn't feel his rock-hard erection." I loved Alex and his focus for Kam, "I mean it, Kam." He tightened his grip. "I don't know how we'll accomplish it, but we will. I need you with me, all the time." I mean when she's around the boy only has one thing on his mind, "probably not." He started stripping off his weapons. "What you can do however, is get naked with me and have lots of fast, hot, sweaty sex." I mean the boy makes the yummiest promises, "how about I sweeten the deal? I'll make you come, twice before I even put my co** inside you. But you have to get naked now." I can't wait for the other Knight's stories they all were entertaining, and enjoyable. 

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