Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

Even with just seeing Mae for the first time the boy is possessive, "thinking I'd pulled my sh** together, I relaxed. But when Ky took her in his arms, I effin' lunged for him and grabbed his arm in my hand, dropping it only to sign, 'back the eff off. Give her to me.'" Honestly it wasn't just men that Styx didn't want touching his woman it was well other women as well, "she stopped at the side of the bed and caressed the bit**'s head. My body froze, my stomach churning with possessiveness. Didn't like anyone but me touching her. Suddenly felt like ripping Beauty's arm out of it's socket." Mae, good lord that girl is cute, "I worried that he would be displeased with my lack of skill. But then I felt it. His hard crotch against my stomach. He was aroused. He wanted me...carnally." Even with a speech impairment Styx makes everything dirty that he says sound hot, "b-b-because you l-looking at me like that is t-telling me you effin' wanna be in my b-bed...W-want me to show you how effin' good you should f-feel taking my co**. W-w-want me to eff you 't-til you can't walk." He also doesn't appreciate other interupting his alone time with his woman, "in-interrupt me and m-my w-woman again and I'll sc-scalp you my my B-Bowie!" I want Ky and Flame to get stories they were the other characters I fell in love with.

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