Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Xavier by MJ Fields

Oh Xavier I want to have your babies. Taelyn and Xavier have the strangest conversations:
           "Your pen** is on google and you're not worried about that?" she gasped.
           "Why? Does it look small?"
I mean he is gentleman enough to give her fair warning on some things, "my di** is hard. I swear to God one more word I'm gonna come in my pants. Please, I am asking you as nice as I know how Irish, shut the eff up and go to sleep." I mean I love the chemistry these two have:
             There was a knock on the door. I rolled her off me and jumped up to answer it. "Xavier. Pants." She giggled.
             "It's not office hours." I grabbed a pillow and covered myself.
I mean the boy is just whipped, "just motrin, regular sized tampax and maxi pads with wings." "Sit still." I got out of the vehicle and walked in the store on a mission to make the pu**y I was obsessed with feel better." That is just so darned sweet of him. I loved Xavier I'm said that all the brothers are taken an all their stories have been told maybe for Christmas MJ will do a holiday novella.

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